General Rules

Read this for a general overview of what to do and not do.

1º You can use the words "faggot" and "cunt", but as long as they're in a joking matter.

2º You must respect every user and staff, no matter their likings or opinions of you.

3º Do not start arguments in main chat, only do it in PM. This causes unnecessary drama and annoys other users.

4º Obviously, don't spam and that shit.

5º If someone spams, DON'T PING THE FUCK OUTTA STAFF. One ping is enough for the moderator to respond.

Page Rules

Read this before making a page.

1º Do NOT make a character that is directly insulting an user.

1.5º You can make a character that is simply a joke towards an user.

2º If you're making a page for a character that already exists (not OCs), please put "(AU)" right next to the page's name. It helps to know which characters are OCs and which are not.

3º Don't make a page for something that is not a page about characters or locations. Use threads/blog posts for that.